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Wearable product features

Monitor training status

Wearable sports tanks and T-shirts can be equipped with an optional sensor device.で
Heart rate Respiratory rate Calories burned can be measured and monitored with a dedicated appきます。

Visualize your daily workouts to help you plan your trainingす。

Functional wear

The material of the wear uses stretch material and fits the bodyト。

Because it absorbs water and dries quickly, it keeps you comfortable even if you sweat, so it is ideal not only for sports but also for everyday use.です。

The design is also a simple design that is easy to use for sports and everyday use。

Wearable sensor can be easily attached and detached

The sensor device is installed when the sensor is slid into the recess installed in the garment and a click is heard.は完了。

The garment can be washed like any other garment by removing the sensor device after the exercise is finished.ます。

Cooperation between wearable sensors and dedicated apps/wearable charets

What is a wearable charlet?

It is a training management application that can measure heart rate, respiration rate and calories burned in conjunction with Wearable's heart rate sensor.プリです。
With the built-in chat function, you can share the training results, support each other with your friends, share the calories burned with the gym instructor, and get advice.ます。
In addition, various functions such as the latest information on the wallet function wearable product, which is the basic function of Challet, are implemented.ります。

※There is a limit to the compatible device version of the wearable charlet. Please be sure to check the compatible device version of the wearable charet before purchasing the wearable sensor.さい。

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